Find success through long-term mentoring, personalized advising and expert navigation of admissions processes

One Sky Education works with local and international students through private K-12 and college admissions to help students find the best fitting schools where they will succeed and thrive. As a boutique educational services firm, we focus on offering the highest quality and most personal service available.



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We help families from around the world learn about US schools beyond the rankings and statistics.

We believe that our process-driven approach of self-reflection and self-discovery coupled with 1-on-1 advising lead to better informed decisions and allow you to make the most of US educational opportunities.

When our team works with you, students are set-up for success.

The United States is home to more than 3,000 private high schools and over 4,700 higher education institutions, including many
of the best in the world.

Insider understanding and local experience help to eliminate a time-consuming search process, high levels of stress, and uncertainty about quality of information and results.