Why Choose One Sky Education...

We possess a deep understanding of US educational options as well as international students, and really understand how to navigate the unique challenges facing international students applying to American schools.



working with us will allow you to:

  • Quickly know where you stand. Save time and know how to approach the school search process

  • Receive full access to 1-on-1 expert counseling services for end-to-end college application advising

  • Learn about yourself and grow with a world-class mentor, build a relationship that is not just transactional but will help to transform your future.


What Makes Us Different?

We aspire to help create the next generation of globally-minded citizens, especially those creating bridges between the US, China, and the world.

We recognize that students spend most of their lives in school. You will inevitably be influenced by your surroundings, learn from and with your peers, and your worldview will be forever changed. The school you attend will leave an indelible mark on you as a person. What will that school be? And who will you be as a person as a result?

We want to help you find a place where you will THRIVE and where you will help us fulfill our mission to change the world by creating a more globally-minded next generation of leaders.

So we think admissions and finding the right fitting school is actually kind of a big deal. We hope to get to know you and your dreams and help make them a reality.