Seeking Out Opportunities for Growth

If you are seeking to attend a highly selective school, students typically need to go above and beyond the normal call of academic standards in the classroom. Today, many students have A's and nearly perfect test scores, by pushing out of your comfort zone during a summer experience, mastering a skill and competing at a regional or national level will set students apart. 


Summer programs

Summer programs are a great to explore a topic in greater depth that may not be offered at your high school, to learn a language, travel, volunteer, and open your eyes to new possibilities. Where to begin? How to choose? We have collected resources to get you underway, and with our personalized service, will help you select the programs right for you.


Get Competitive

Whatever your academic or extra-curricular passions may be, there are likely ways for you to further cultivate these interests inside and outside the classroom, and show ways for you to set yourself apart as excelling in them. The resources are a starting point for students based on different interests. The One Sky team will provide further personalized recommendations based on each student's unique strengths and background.