Woodenfish United Nations Emerging Global Leaders Program

to apply for THE global leaders program at the UN, Please click here: https://goo.gl/forms/vbRUKBvtfNyKLLBU2

One Sky Education proudly manages educational programs in New York City and at the headquarters of the United Nations on behalf of Woodenfish Foundation, a non-governmental organization in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). 

During the Global Leaders Program, participants  act as representatives of Woodenfish Foundation inside the UN, and participate in meetings and conferences at the headquarters of the United Nations. We time the programs to coincide with large events and they make for extremely action-packed weeks and an extremely rich and rare experience at the United Nations-- such as the Commission for Social Development (February of each year), the Commission on the Status of Women (March of each year), and the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (July of each year). In the space of one day, you may attend meetings with the Secretary General of the UN, learn how Google is working on a project to map the oceans, learn what progress is being made to curb child marriage in India, and how the learnings of Singapore as a sustainable city could be used in other world megacities. The options are limitless. 

As the largest and only truly global intergovernmental organization of its kind, the United Nations provides infinite opportunities for students and young professionals to interact with, and learn from leaders across the world. Participants are quickly immersed in the dynamic UN environment with a diverse mix of representatives from governments, the private sector and civil society all working on addressing many of the world's most pressing challenges. Participants witness global diplomacy in action whilst honing their own communication, leadership, networking and research skills.

In addition to time spent inside the United Nations, the Global Leaders program hosts private workshops for participants, run by expert professionals. These workshops are intended for you to gain valuable skills such as learning and practicing public speaking, creative and divergent thinking, research methods and presentation, teamwork and leadership, and critical analysis. With a small group environment, you will come away inspired to do more in your own career and with more self-confidence in the direction of your path forward.

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Please note: The United Nations grounds pass minimum age requirement is 18 years of age. All students must be 18 by the first day of the program. 

Long-term internships with Woodenfish at the United Nations are available in the fall and spring for college and graduate students in the New York City area. Please inquire by email with a resume and cover letter to julia@oneskyeducation.org. 


This is a selective and competitive program that will involve a good deal of academic work and discipline. This is not a tourist program, but an intensive, educational United Nations experience. 


Program Schedule

Week 1
Monday: Welcoming and orientation; United Nations grounds pass registration pick-up, tour of the UN and overview; attend UN meetings

Tuesday: Decision of final projects, one-on-one student advising to create program plan for two weeks; PM: meeting with representative from UNICEF

Wednesday: Attend UN meetings, attend lecture and roundtable discussions on United Nations, roundtable discussions with leaders of international organizations that work in the field and at UN

Thursday: NGO work, conduct assigned project on NGO, include field research, conduct interviews with local people. PM: Public speaking workshop with expert professional coach

Friday: AM: Attend UN meetings and meet with representatives of UN agencies; PM: community service project with NYC local community organization, evening: group dinner with former UN Peacekeeping director

Week 2
Monday: AM: Attend meetings at the United Nations, interview representatives for final project; PM: Intensive career development training session

Tuesday: AM: Meet with representative from Women's Refugee Commission; PM: Attend UN meetings, work on final research project and presentation

Wednesday: AM: Visit Columbia University, meet current student; PM: speech and debate competition at Columbia University

Thursday: AM: Leadership training with professional coach; PM: Work on final research project/presentation

Friday: Final day at United Nations; closing ceremony and final group presentations

Final daily schedule subject to change


to apply for Un emerging leaders program, Please click here: https://goo.gl/forms/vbRUKBvtfNyKLLBU2