High Quality EDucators...

Great teachers are made, not born.  Because of the unique relationship One Sky students and teachers develop as a result of the one-on-one nature of our work, recruitment of the best and the brightest teachers has not been a difficult task. 

As an international firm, tutors are typically multilingual, experts in teaching English and English Language Learners (ELL students), and have a passion for teaching and helping each student succeed.

Meeting students where they are...

Whether it is a high school sophomore enrolled in all AP classes, or a middle schooler English Language Learner trying to improve across all of their core subjects, we meet students at their present levels of academic and functional performance. 

If a student demonstrates skill or performance based deficits, we aim to remediate them through research or evidence based instructional interventions; conversely, if a student is meeting standards with a 4.0 GPA, our tutors are well equipped to provide enrichment opportunities for high-achieving, highly-motivated students.

More than just academic work, however, One Sky emphasizes the development of the whole student: social and emotional development, community involvement, civic engagement, and a global mindset, are just a few qualities that set college "competitive" students apart from college "ready" students.  In order to quickly and accurately evaluate a student's strengths and areas in need of improvement, One Sky utilizes a proprietary College Readiness and Competitiveness inventory that can be answered by students, parents, or teachers.  Using this data, the One Sky team works with students and families to develop an individualized plan to advance a student's performance in secondary education and college competitiveness through tutoring and mentoring.

Fostering CreatIve, Critical, and Caring thinking

The One Sky tutoring curriculum, starting in 6th grade, embeds creative, critical, and caring thinking into the major classroom content areas. The 3c's, as they are known in Gifted and Talented classrooms across the U.S., are high value areas of growth for all students before they enter college. Colleges across the US are increasingly interested in enrolling students with invaluable soft-skills required to succeed in the classroom and the 21st century workforce.  


-Creative Thinking fosters the ideas that propel society forward, from breakthrough ideas to new inventions.
-Critical Thinking allows us to analyse and evaluate, navigate or solve complex problems, and view the world from mulitple perspectives.
-Caring Thinking allows us to thrive in the world around us, big or small.  It encourages us to practice empathy, respect difference, development strong moral character.