One Sky Education not only serves students. We also engage in projects with schools to support their process of internationalization in student population and philosophical approach. We leverage years of experience to diagnose the issues that are holding US schools back from stellar performance with an international student program. We look for ways to build up schools' offerings and create pathways for students to graduate with a more globally-minded outlook and fully prepared to take on the evolving demands and challenges of the 21st century. In addition, we support collaboration for the mutual benefit of schools in different countries seeking to develop long-term partnerships or campuses abroad.

We offer personalized consulting in multiple areas to meet your school's global education needs.

SCHOOL international student program support

  • Strengthen number and profile of international students on your campus
  • Develop a more finely tuned marketing plan with the needs and interests of your specific audience in mind
  • Streamline your admissions process for international students
  • Learn techniques to distinguish between application fabrication and student naiveté
  • Improve office efficiency to deal with a higher volume of international interest
  • Vet third-party vendors, offer insights into strategies working with educational agents



  • Develop or improve an orientation plan that will get international students started off on the right foot
  • Enhance integration of international students on campus with tailored actionable plans for your school community
  • Engage international parents so they spread the good word about your school, and become development prospects
  • Improve overall satisfaction of your international students as well as their reception on campus



  • Liaise between schools in the United States and China to develop varying levels of "sister school" partnerships
  • Develop long-term substantial collaborative relationships between schools, including opening campuses of US educational institutions in China
  • Design curriculum plans, offer strategies for increasing students' global competencies 
  • Incorporate technology in ways to involve global partnerships, experiential learning, project-based learning
  • Design off-campus experiential educational opportunities; vet third-party global education program operators