Application Essays Brainstorming, Outlining, Editing


Good for: seeking targeted help crafting authentic, stand-out essays

Students preparing applications may spend days or weeks staring at a blank page not knowing where to begin or what about themselves is worth telling. Students feel their lives are dull and like everyone else's, or they have gone through something challenging, but don't know what and how it is appropriate to share.

Through self-assessment and deep self-reflection exercises and brainstorming sessions, we help students begin to generate possible topics and outline and draft essays. The student is the only one who can drive the process with pencil to paper, but we help to steer it in the right direction and make sure there's no falling asleep at the wheel, avoiding  

We meet with admissions officers from around the country each year and have the finger on the pulse of what kinds of essays will and will not work. For international students, the "coming to America" essay is overplayed, becoming team captain, winning a game, losing a relative. It's not that there is no merit in these topics in general, but it is easy to fall into cliches. After a student spends their lifetime writing academic essays, un-learning the objective 5 paragraph essay and digging through to hone one's authentic, genuine voice with a best-fitting anecdote is a challenging, but critical component to really showing admissions officers who you are.