Private School Admissions

Preparing for Private High School Admissions

In recent years, approximately 30,000 Chinese students apply to private high schools in the US. This number continues to increase every year. As college admissions becomes more and more competitive, more Chinese students look to attend high school in the US as a way to improve their English earlier, acclimate to a US academic environment, and overall, get a leg up when it comes time to apply to college. 

Because of the increasing competition, especially with international students, the top boarding schools in the US can have their pick of the best students. What does it mean to be among the best students and have a fighting chance at the best boarding schools? These schools require at least 100 TOEFL and an SSAT with 90% or higher. Yet even with high scores and a strong academic track record, admissions officers are buried in hundreds or thousands of applications from international students. As such, many families decide to make a personal visit to the school. All of this must be well considered in advance. Some Chinese families decide to visit during the October national holiday or near Thanksgiving in the US. With over 300 boarding schools across the country, you must pay close attention to prioritizing a feasible itinerary and knowing what the prerequisites of each school are in advance. You do not want to waste time going to visit the wrong schools where students will not be competitive or where they require something like a Vericant interview before even scheduling an on-campus interview. 

The earlier (and more competitive) private school admissions deadlines begin around January 15th. However, this does not mean you can wait until December! While the deadlines begin at this time and there are still a few months until then, applying to private high schools in the US requires a few months of preparation, especially to do it well. Many other schools enforce a rolling admissions process. This means that the earlier you apply (and they consider your application ONLY when ALL application materials are submitted, including test scores), the better your your chances are of success. So don't wait, and get started today!