College Admissions Forecasts: Yield Inches Upward for Top Schools, Waitlists Surge

Harvard's yield this year is the second highest in the university's history. While that's great news for Harvard, it sadly means that those students patiently hoping for the best on Harvard's waitlist have very little chance of going crimson in May or later into the summer. For the most competitive universities, the waitlist has become a backup measure that's rarely resorted to because most students who are accepted to Harvard decide to enroll. 

In an era when students continue to apply to more and more colleges to "hedge their bets" about where they will get in and how much financial aid will be offered, colleges are responding in kind by increasing their waitlists. Adding students to the waitlist has become the answer for colleges and universities that have no clue how many students will decide to enroll. We like you, but will you actually come? We have no clue. 

After months of waiting, and years of preparation, a waitlist can feel like an anti-climactic mega frustration. It might feel like these colleges are holding all of the cards, but we help students to see that actually, when you are clear with your goals for college, demonstrate interest properly and in timely ways, you don't need to hedge, or play too many games, and instead can get into one of your top choice schools way before May. Get in touch to start working with us to learn how.