Showing Colleges Some "Love" May Help You Get Admitted! Why and How Demonstrated Interest

10 Ways To Show Demonstrated Interest

  1. Visit the campus: If it’s within 6 hours of you, it’s a must. If the school is high on your list, you should make the effort! Always register with the Admissions Office, check if you can attend a class or do an overnight as well!
  2. Supplemental Essays: Pay special attention to ALL Supplements, NONE are optional! You must do your research so you can speak specifically about why their programs, clubs, student body, etc. are a perfect for you. Generic answers like “Boston is a great place” do not fit the bill here.
  3. Get on Mailing Lists & OPEN Emails: Respond early to recruitment mailings and fill out “request info” from admissions on college website. Always OPEN emails from Admissions offices, they can track all electronic communication!
  4. Attend College Fairs: Don’t miss a rep’s visit to your own school or in your area, ask questions and sign up for more info. The rep who covers your area will likely be one person to read your application!
  5. Email the Admissions Office: Get in touch with your rep with specific questions that you can’t find easy answers to on their website.
  6. Email a Professor in Selected Department: Thinking of studying Econ? Reach out to a prof with thoughtful questions
  7. Social Media: “Like” the college on Facebook and other channels, they know you are already on there! Make sure your own Facebook page is rated-G and presenting your best sides.
  8. Consider Early Decision: A binding intent to attend a school is the most powerful Demonstrated Interest indicator
  9. Interview: Set-up an interview if a college offers it with a rep. or alumni.
  10. Send a hand-written thank you note afterward!

What To Avoid?

Do not OVERDO communication by emailing the admissions office every week! You will seem desperate or overly-demanding.

Parents cannot do this on behalf of students.

Do not send excess paperwork that the college did not request with your application. They will find it annoying and likely not read it!

What To Do First/Next?

Research, Research, Research! Visit college websites to REALLY get to know specific strengths and what they are proud of at their schools so you are prepared to personalize your communication with schools.

Get in Touch with Us: Still not sure how to best approach colleges? Some chat with us to figure out how to take the first step & make sure you don’t wait around for them to contact you!